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Arcspace – The Camera (Interview & Photos)

“When I photograph architecture, I do not want to take a photo of the Mona Lisa as most people see it, to use an analogy, I want to create something completely different that makes me smile, that provides an enigmatic and ethereal quality to the subject in the photograph. I don’t want to simply take a photo of architecture but I want to reimagine it by defying and capturing the physics of the moment in an artistic way by turning the world upside-down in my compositions, waiting for a unique interplay of light and shadows that fall on the building, abstracting the abstract forms inherent in the architecture, and use both conventional, long exposure and even infrared photographic techniques to create a chronology from chaos to clarity and back again as part of my photographic vision.”  To read more, please click on the photo below (or you may click here:  


Arcspace The Camera - Interview & Photos 2014

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