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The Integral Lens Series – My Feature in Archisearch,gr

In late 2015, I was asked by one of the Editors of  to do a feature on some of my integral architectural and archistract photographs.  I provided examples of my work in both b+w and muted colour metallics (MCM) from my home city of Toronto, Chicago, New York City, San Francisco, Berlin and Dubai.  I hope you enjoy it and thank you all for your support!

Archisearch GR -  Integral Lens Interview - JK

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“Elsewhen” Iceland – Before & After Tutorial

I was recently invited by the illustrious Camerapixo fine art magazine to post a “before and after” how-to tutorial on how I procesed my “Elswhen” photo of an Icelandic landscape. I review a step-by-step process but certainly go much more in-depth in my workshops for a variety of photographed subjects (i.e., architecture, waterscapes, etc.).

Elsewhen - Before & After - Camerapixo - JK

I wanted to create a change of seasons by converting my original image from Iceland to a black and white photo with infrared film qualities to give the impression of an ethereal winter scene.  I tend to embrace the paradox that reality is both essential and negotiable in my fine art photography to create personal and parallel worlds. An artist’s own psychology is intimately and inseparably infused within their own photography. It is my way of creating a “felt aesthetic”, the feeling of being immersed in something imaginatively and intellectually beautiful.

Elswhen - Before After Slider - JK
I hope it inspires you in your own photography. Enjoy!
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p | r | a | g | u | e – The Sighs and Signatures of an Immaculate Dreamer

“Learn a new language and get a new soul” ~ Czech proverb.

A new set of reworked images from the magical city of Prague.  I became enamoured with the deluge of colours found in the characteristic ecology of the city.  My camera became an echolocation device with every click as I roamed around its labyrinth of charming streets and narrow passages looking for a scene that would make me sigh so that I may add my own signature as a photographer to this wonderous place.  This series offers a minimalist and muted colour appraoch to a city that already offers a sophistication of spirit found in the simplest of moments.

Please click here or on the image to see the set.

Thank you, as always, for your support.

Have a beautiful day!


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People’s Choice Awards – PX3 Paris 2015

What a nice surprise and great start to the New Year! I am chuffed to announce that I received a 1st Place (Gold) Award in the Automotive Adevrtising Pro Category (a first for me in this category) and a 2nd Place (Silver) Award in the Fine Art Landscape Pro Category at the Prix De La Photographie (PX3) Paris – People’s Choice Awards 2015! Both photos were taken in Dubai in 2015 when I went over to do a few workshops.

The first photo, “Warp Speed“, was created along the busy Sheik Zayed (E11) Road with the iconic and futuristic architecture as a backdrop as a beautiful blue Bentley raced by.  I positioned myself behind some concrete blocks for safety waiting patiently for “the shot”.  My vision for this shot is encapsulated in the title as I wanted to emphasis the velocity of the moment as if the cars were coming out of hyperspeed.   Dubai is truly a city born in the sands and raised in the skies.

People's-Choice-Awards---PX3-2015---1st-Place---Gold---AutoAdverstisingPro---WarpSpeed The second photo, “Onederful“, is a photo of a Galf Tree in the desert during sunset.  It was a windy day with the sand pelting me as I positioned myself for a composition to capture the symphonic movement of the skies with the sway of the tree.  It was a magical moment.  Something I will never forget.

People's-Choice-Awards---PX3-2015---2nd-Place---Silver---FineArt-LandscapeProCongrats to all the winners!

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