Architecture as an Archetypal Antithesis and Affirmation

Some of these quotes appeared in the beautiful Buenos Aires Architectural Photobook , “Taste of Immandencity” by Fernando Prats in both Spanish and English.

“Architecture is Euclidean Jazz”.

“Architecture: a semiotic signature of mathematical madness resting on the philosophical penchants of an abstract artist writ in ir/reality”.

“The art of seeing before it is seen comes from within or it is without. This is the gift of the architect who marks the ages”.

“A building is made holy and home when it allows the human senses to experiment with one another in the safety of its beauty.”

“Architecture is ‘frozen music’ says Goethe.
It is a ‘learned game’ says Le Corbusier.
It is the ‘mother art’ says Wright.
It is ‘like a book’ says Miller.
The lesson of architects is to listen, learn and love your art.”

“The elation, energy and erotica of architecture can be both powerful and impotent at the same time. It requires an interplay between horizontal passions and vertical powers that may or may not work together.”

“The act of creating something ex nihilo is a discourse on what matters and what anti-matters”.

“When photographing architecture, search for the form and function of the architecture juxtaposed against the trajectory of surrounding elements and your point-of-view. Allow the density and immensity of elements to converse with the geometric ecology before the existential click “

“The evolution of architecture requires eclecticism before ego, elegance before extravagance, and emotion before estrangement”.

© John Kosmopoulos

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