Euclidean Jazz – Architecture Book “Euclidean Jazz” refers to the chaotic harmonics found in the geometry of architecture exemplified in the profound works of Gehry, Calatrava, and Gaudi.  This photo book is an exploration of the geometry, symmetry and abstract nature of an urban ecology. When I analyze architecture, I tend to dissect structures and compose them in my own mathematical alchemy of angles, light, time and space. My analysis often runs counter to the intention and function of the urban landscape. This is my way of harmonizing the city in the way that I envision it. I often critique city planners as a photographer for their lack of vision in creating aesthetically pleasing spaces to live in.  Architecture often offers the music and photography offers the lyrics click by click – the unique signature of the photographer.


Prague:  The Sighs & Signatures of an Immaculate Dreamer “Prague” is an exploration of the people, places, and polemics of life in modern day Prague in the context of its history and culture.  This photo book offers a visual extravaganza of colour and context through the eyes of a traveler, the sighs of the wanderer, and the wordless expressions of the poet stuck between a dream and reality called Prague.





Thank you for seeing through my eyes…