Digital Photographer Magazine (UK) Issue 164 – Interview, Photos & Top 10 List

Interviews can be quite daunting especially when it is for an international publication where millions of photography enthusiasts seek advice and inspiration from their colleagues.  However, it can be equally exciting given that your contribution is in physical and virtual bookstores all over the world and read by so many people seeking personal growth in their own photography.

I was asked to do an interview with Digital Photography Magazine (United Kingdom Publication) entitled “Lost and Found in Black and White” where I review my principles for stellar and standout black and white fine art photography, my 4-8-16 long exposure photography and “Double Portrait” methods and introduce my Top 10 Tips which include my concepts of “LEICA Patterns”, “BGW (Black/Grey/White Photography)”, and “Presence & Absence Principles” while introducing the idea of “Zonal Shape Systems”™ (a new way to consider the Zone System created by Ansel Adams using shapes like diamonds and pyramids for hi-key, low-key, midtone dominant images, etc.).  I will post an expanded version of my Top 10 Tip List in a separate post soon : )

Here are some quotes from the interview:

“Seeing in black and white gives you the
ability to combine the substance of what
the subject actually is with the essense of
what else the subject could be.”

Digital Photographer UK - Issue 164 - Interview & Photos

Vision Drawings (Oramagraphy) – A New Psychology Of Photography

“The how and what of taking a photograph becomes
secondary to why we make the photograph the way we
do to better understand our motivations as artists. It is
my way of creating a parallel world that embraces the
paradox that reality is both negotiable and essential to
fine-art photography.” 

Issue 164 was released internationally on July 30th in a bookstore near you

Happy reading everyone!


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