Greece Year Zero: My Photography In Film

Greece Year Zero” is a cinematic essay of the last 120 years of Greece’s tumultuous and largely untold story by the genius writer and talented director, Dannis Koromilas. I am proud and humbled to be part of his magnum opus and this momentous event as some of my photograpy will be part of the film.  The poster below has one of my photos for promotions and the collage shows scenes from the film with some of my fine art photos and the credits. Limited edition prints will be available through my website for those interested.


It’s a project years in the making that has been very hard to keep secret given my passion for this story. We have all become like brothers through the process. I have seen the film and I became quite emotional about it. When I think back, what inspires me the most in my photography is cinema.  The film is scheduled for a Fall 2016 release and I can’t wait to attend one of the openings.  I hope all of you have a chance to see it as it provides a different lens on the history of Greece.

Greece Year Zero - My Photos - SZP-JK


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