My “Artful” Aphorisms of the Day

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I have been thinking a lot about what it means to have work defined as “fine art”. Is it a marketing tool, a way of seeing and realizing your vision, evolving your skills, having a body of work that has substance, sophistication, quality and is discussed in relation to other “fine art” photography? Perhaps the answer is “yes” to all of these questions. I posted similar thoughts before but I have added some more aphorisms to this one. These types of things are always fun exercises for me.

1. “Imitation is not vision but limitation”.
2. “The art of seeing is more about shaping the skill of observation than it is about an innate talent”.
3 “Beauty is a complexity of wonder that gives the artist a wonderful complex”.
4. “The indefinable is defined by the pursuit of personal principles shared by no one and everyone at the same time”.
5. “If you remove yourself from reality in your art, you are one step closer to another person’s reality in their art. Perhaps originality is a correlation and not causation”.
6. “The best predictor of future art is past art and in the digital age, time is measured in seconds and not eras”.
7. “The art critics agree to be critical in crescendo of all art, whether it is in affirmation or negation, but it is the critics that are silenced by three words shared by the majority: ‘I like it'”.
8. “Art translates Nature, which translates Reality, which translates Non-reality, which translates Art. Yes, but what is “Art”?”.
9. “Nature is the ultimate camera obscura for artists”.
10. “The nature of all Art always begins with a melted grain of sand as a unit of measure that provides the mirror for the mind’s eye to translate the Artist’s vision into paint or pixels”.
11. “To say you were not influenced by Alpha to get Omega is like saying that Eternity ends but does not begin”.
12. “The appreciation of Art is a biopsychosocial phenomenon”.

Have a great day : )

© John Kosmopoulos

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