The Veils of Eden – Iceland Waterfall Series: The Zenith of 500px

If you are familiar with the international photography site, 500px, you will know that there are millions of photographers who post their stellar photos across many categories where fellow photographers view, like, fave and comment on photos while vying for the front page of the chosen category.  It is not an easy feat but it is always interesting to see how far you can get and what your fellow photographers find impressive and inspirational.  I have certainly felt that when viewing some of the photos on there.

When I created my “The Veils of Eden” series of Iceland waterfall images in colour and posted each image on the site, a trend emerged over time that made me feel quite happy and honoured.  Each of the images below reached the first place position, the zenith of the front page of the most popular Landscape category photographs!  As a tribute to such a personal accomplishment, I wanted to post this on my site for those of you that may not have had a chance to see this series.  I want to thank everyone for their support!

The Veils Of Eden Series - 500px - 4 for 4 - Most Popular Landscape Photographs

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