Vision Drawings: The Sessions

“Vision Drawings:  The Sessions” is a series of exploratory and experiential interviews that I have conducted with some of the most prominent, talented and up-and-coming photographers.  At this time, the series will include several photographers with unique perspectives whose photographic vision I want to know more about.  This interview format allows the photographer to delve into their own core within a framework of a psychology of photography and photographic vision I call “Vision Drawing (Oramagraphy)™“.  Each question involves one of the six core principles of the theory and practice (prescience, paradox, parallels, perception, personality and progression) with additional elements while exploring the many intricacies of the felt aesthetic of fine art photography through a series of photographs chosen by the artist for their self-inspired qualities.


Session I:  Cole Thompson

Session II:  Julian Escardo

Session III:  Guy Tal

Session IV:  Nathan Wirth

Session V:   ?